A(nother) New Start

I just transitioned to a WordPress site, so please have patience with me.

I’m 47 and I’m starting AGAIN. I’ve started so many times in my life, especially in the past 30 years. Sometimes a new start comes with dramatic change, but usually I’m disappointed. I get very motivated and love to plan it all out. Then, after a few weeks (even shorter as I age) it fizzles out.

For some reason, this time if feels different (mid-life crisis?). I’m more relaxed and forgiving of myself. I’m taking baby steps.

Here’s the thing. I’m forty-seven and:

-I’ve gained 25 pounds in 5 years.

-My only child (we’re pretty tight) is transitioning to college in a few months

-I’m at the top of my career and have a great job, but it’s not a soul-filling career

-I’ve been married for 25+ years to my best friend, but we could try harder

So, here’s the plan. I’m going to work on all this stuff, and I’m going to document my journey here. On the Enneagram scale, I’m a #2 – Helper. When I learn stuff, I just have to share it. This is my vessel for that. I know other women in my age group are dealing with these¬†same challenges, so hopefully you’ll stumble on this blog and we’ll go through it together.

If you’re wondering why the name of this site is yoga related, here’s the scoop: By day I am a corporate lawyer, but I’m also a registered yoga teacher. I love yoga. I love it, because it’s so complex and I’ll always be a student of it. It’s goes far beyond the poses, and that is why I named this site ‘Beyond Down Dog’.¬† I’ll use principles of yoga (poses and beyond), meditation, visualization, law of attraction, journaling, etc. on this journey to continue this much needed work.

Stay tuned…

Namaste xo