Beyond Down Dog 2.0

What a year! Welcome new friends and welcome back existing friends.

It’s 2020. A global pandemic has taken the world by storm. Racial injustice is still prevalent, and people are rightfully angry. In my own state, we are dealing with mass flooding due to a damaged dam. It is easy to be overwhelmed, frustrated, angry and fed-up. We miss seeing our friends and are horrified to see violence all over the U.S., but we also feel helpless and hopeless. 

It is this climate that has inspired me to re-start my blog and offer some new things that can spread light and joy and help others.  A few weeks ago, our dark, cold Michigan spring turned sunny and green, and I’ve never appreciated it more.  It brought so much hope and light to my life and inspired me to create.

Michigan Trees Turn Green!

If you are already a follower of BDD, you will see familiar themes.  I will also be adding a YouTube channel that will supplement my blogs and the teachings here. I will be doing vlogging/blogging, product and book reviews, offering educational material and how-to content. I will also be offering digital downloads to help you on your own journey.

The goals for this site are to honor its core values:

  1. – Uplift and Inspire Others
  2. – Teach Life- Enhancing Practices
  3. – Be Genuine
  4. – Create Community

The mission of this site and its corresponding YouTube channel (coming soon) is to spread light and help others to reclaim it in themselves by creating content that is practical, inspirational and genuine. Content will be based on the yoga lifestyle, meditation, manifestation principles, and other inspirational practices and teachings.

Blogs will be published every week and YouTube videos will start in July.

I hope you’ll join this community and find some light and joy.

Namaste xo

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