Showing Up for Yourself: Breaking Through Emotional Blocks

If you look at your life, are you content? Are you proud of the things you have done? I truly hope you are, but we all have things we would like to improve, whether it is our health, how we keep our homes, our financial situations or any other area of life.  If you are feeling like you are not meeting your life goals, it is time to rise to the occasion. This post will help you break through emotional blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals.

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Think about your best friend.  If you reached out to your friend and asked her for advice on how to move forward in your career, would you appreciate it if she said, “You’re fine where you are, you should just stay there.”? Likely, this advice would leave you deflated and unmotivated.  What if she said, “You have so much to offer! It’s great that you are looking to advance yourself” and then offered her ideas on the subject? It is the same with our internal dialog. What do you want from your friendships? For me, I appreciate honesty, healthy challenge, and encouragement. That is the person I try to be for myself.

Pushing Yourself vs. Self-Care

It is a skill to balance self-care with challenging yourself to meet goals. This requires some real work, but you will be greatly rewarded for it.  Striving to reach for something that will provide you with peace and fulfillment may cause temporary discomfort.  If the end goal is for your own self-care, the temporary difficulty may be worth it. Think about why you want to reach your goals.  This “why” will also steer you in the right direction.  Do you want to lose 15 pounds to look great in a bathing suit or to have more energy? Which “why” is promoting self-care for you (this is for you to decide, I am not making a judgement here)?  It is also important to look at why you are resisting meeting your goals.  Are there blocks in your way?

Dealing with Blocks

Emotional and other blocks can mess with your motivation. Here’s the key to removing them: Remember who put the blocks there in the first place (you) even if they were unconsciously placed. You have the power to remove them, it just takes work.  Try to understand why you put the blocks there in the first place.  If you want to save money but you keep shopping online for unneeded items, ask yourself, “why?”. Even though an action can be detrimental to your goals (and bank account) you are getting something out of it, or you would not do it.  Ask yourself if there is something else that could give you that feeling of shopping online, but applicable to saving money? Maybe participate in an online savings challenge. The key is to chip away at your blocks until you have broken through them.

My Block: Resistance to Running

I know running changes my life when I do it. I have been running (very) sporadically since I was 18, but I only pick it up every few years. This winter, I started the C25K program (click here for more information) and now try to run three times a week.  I start to dread my run each scheduled running day. I even start to think of excuses why I can’t go that day.  I have been running since February, so it is now a habit, but it is still a struggle to lace up my shoes and start.  For me, this is a block. I know running is so good for me physically and mentally, but it is so difficult to take the first steps.

Now, each morning in my pajamas (I am doing this now as today is a running day!), I envision looking at myself after a run.

After a 2 mile run

I see myself glowing (my face always turns a bright red) and feeling great, but there is a sheet of clear plastic between us. That is my block.  It represents being comfortable and working on my writing surrounded by my four-legged kids and not wanting to sweat and struggle (running IS a struggle for me!). I then visualize myself lifting the plastic and throwing it away.  My block is removed, and it’s time to get my running gear on. It is amazing how effective this is for me.

How to Show Up for Yourself

Here’s how to break through emotional blocks that prevent you from reaching your goals.:

  1. First and foremost, have compassion for yourself.
  2. Start small.
  3. When you identify a block, try to understand your “why” and use visualization to break through it.
  4. Be proud of this work! Awareness is the first step toward breaking down your barriers to success.

Way to show up by reading this post and taking the first few steps toward reaching your dreams. I’m proud of you, and you should be too.

Namaste, xo

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