Implementing Intuitive Eating Into Daily Life

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Diets have controlled my life for thirty years. I currently weigh more than I ever have, and I am “overweight” on the BMI scale (not because of muscle!). I have lost weight – several times – but it always comes back and it gets harder and harder to lose. It is exhausting to walk this path. I am starting a 10 week journey to implementing the Intuitive Eating Principles outlined in the original intuitive eating books written by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch.

Note: No one is paying/compensating me in any way to promote these books. I just really believe in them!

I find that any book focused on improving your life is inspiring while reading but difficult to implement into daily life. I read the intuitive eating books, but I could not remember all of the principles every day. How do they work together? I felt overwhelmed, because I tried to focus on all of them at once. So, I decided to slow down and take one principle per week and implement tools to stay mindful and internalize the principles so they become part of my life.

To do this, I am incorporating yoga and yoga tools to compliment and support each principle. For example, the first intuitive eating principle is to Reject the Diet Mentality, so I am going to practice Satya, which is a yogic principle of honoring the truth – in this case, honoring and trusting my body.

The most prominent tool I will need is mindfulness and self awareness. The biggest fear I have about starting this journey is that I will gain even more weight if I don’t control/restrict what I eat. (See, the Diet Mentality still controls me!) I need to be ok with who I am and where I am to work on this fear and let it go. This will be my greatest challenge!

So, what is the end goal? What do I hope to accomplish? I want to:

  • leave this prison of food restriction and body distrust
  • be at peace with food and not estimate calories or carb grams every time I look at a meal
  • enjoy food and savor time with my loved ones without worrying about the food I’m ingesting
  • stop thinking of food as good or bad. I want to bake, eat, celebrate without feeling guilty or deviant.

What about weight? I am trying to surrender any thoughts about weight during this time, believing that if I can heal my relationship with food, my body will adjust to where I’m supposed to be. I am so appreciative of my body and what it does for me, but it’s time for me to heal this relationship and get on with my life.

If you want to join me, I’ll be vlogging and blogging about this weekly starting next week. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel here to follow along:

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Thanks for joining me on this journey of learning to implement intuitive eating into daily life. I hope we can all find some peace with food and live our lives fully and magnificently.

Namaste xo

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