Midlife Vibrance – A Body, Mind, Soul Journey


Ok, Who’s with me? I’m 48, my weight is skyrocketing in spite of eating healthy most of the time and being active. The rules have changed for in midlife us, ladies. We need to put a stake in the ground now and start this journey.

Not only is my weight an issue, I’m foggy and feel stressed out. My eyes are puffy and I just feel lost. So many changes during this time! My career is thriving, but with more responsibility comes more stress. My only child is moving out, and my marriage is changing. None of these are bad, but they create stress.

Let’s stop watching this happen in disbelief. Let’s start reclaiming our vibrance! We will rediscover things we used to love and we will let go of things that do not serve us anymore. We will create where we want and need to create, and we will find peace where we need to find peace.

I’ll be using 4 paths to reclaim my vibrance during this time, and I hope you will join me:

Mindful Eating



Management of Stress

I’m starting a YouTube series on this – starting March 7. Hope you join me HERE!

Namaste xo

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