Tips for Self-Care When You Are Feeling Emotional Fatigue

It is a common topic among my family and friends lately.  We are experiencing unprecedented times.  We are living through a global pandemic and our country is in chaos. The news seems to get worse every day.  To remain calm and keep our vibrations high, we need some tips and tools to keep us grounded yet hopeful in unpredictable times.

Personally, I reached a point on September 18th – the day our beloved Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away – where I could not see light at the end of the tunnel.  It was such a profound loss. She was a hero among the most vulnerable and for issues close to my heart, but she was also a personal icon.  As an attorney, having a role model like RBG is pretty amazing.

Her loss affected me on every level. I was filled with anger at how the Senate was changing their “principles,” because it was convenient for them. I was sad at her loss. I was in awe of her legacy. Mostly, though, I felt a sense of hopelessness. 

It seems like most people are dealing with similar feelings lately.  The news is so filled with lies, and political ads are negative and hateful. We start to shut down, because we are fatigued.  We just can’t care anymore, because it’s too difficult. 

These are the times when self-care is most important.

Try these tools when you are feeling overwhelmed and apathetic:

  1. Remove yourself from situations that add more stress to your life. If you know that certain friends want to talk about politics (or any stressful topic), but you are feeling overwhelmed by it, take a short break from them.
  2. Try some breathing exercises to find which ones give you some relief. If you want to be energized, try breath of fire.  If you want to feel calm, try alternative nostril breathing.
  3. A regular meditation practice will do amazing things for your mental health.  If you can sit for 10 minutes a day, you will train your brain not to react to negative news.
  4. Take a social media break.
  5. Do some activities where you feel uplifted and inspired. Take a bike ride or walk or get a massage.
  6. Sleep.  Take a nap. Let your mind process everything going through your mind.
  7. Identify toxic relationships in your life.  Sometimes you can’t avoid them, but once you bring awareness to them, you can learn how to set boundaries and protect yourself.
  8. Slow down.  Try having a weekend with no plans where you can binge some shows or read for awhile.
  9. Exercise. Movement is great for mental health.
  10. Eat whole food, plant-based meals.  Stress eating usually leads to more stress, so try taking care of your physical body by nourishing it with food that comes from the earth (instead of a box).
  11. Seek therapy. All of these tips and tools are not a substitute for working through emotional fatigue with a professional.

With some awareness and time, you can manage your emotional fatigue and start to be excited about things again.  Please comment below if these tips work for you!

Namaste, xo

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